Toy Lei is a multi-talented actor, director, fight choreographer and swordswoman. Lei has won multiple Best Film, Best Actress, Best Action, Best Stunts awards across the breadth of her projects, and in 2019 her feature-length script of Boxer was a semifinalist at the iconic Austin Film Fest. Her performances can be experienced across several TV shows and films such as Grey’s AnatomySon of ZornHappy EndingsBunk’d and in 2023, a new Netflix show. Her emotional intensity and movement skills contributed to her casting by director Alejandro Innaritu for his Oscar-winning 2017 Carne y Arena. Toy is moments away from finishing her film Moon which she wrote and directed as part of Women in Media’s CAMERAderie lab. She is a proud mom to her dog, Wilfred.

Why Toy?

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Sean Marlon Newcombe, co-founder, Artemis Film Festival

An actress who always brings poise and intensity to her roles, especially in action films.

Roxy Shih, Director

Toy’s multi-faceted experience was instrumental in our project’s success; she is an artist who gives 110% of her efforts no matter what role she steps into. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty, and is an artist of her word with remarkable talent.

Melisa Resch, Director

Toy elevates every project she’s a part of. A great collaborator and talented artist, she’s a joy to work with.

Kevin Elliot, Director

Professional easy going, bad ass – Toy delivered for my film and was cool to boot!

John Wynn, Director

Too good on camera not to use.

A Few Things She’s Worked On